What is Empress South Africa?

EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA is the first & largest online based beauty contest in the world. Empess SA is a powerful influencer network in SA using the Beauty with Brains & Purpose platform. We have over 500 contestants across all South Africa provinces, that were shortlisted from 45,000 applications. We have 3 levels, Contestant, Semi-finalist and finalist. Contestants need to earn points to reach each level. We have a diverse cosmopolitan mix of contestants from all backgrounds, culture and race groups, in all provinces and cities nationally in South Africa. Contestants are given various tasks online  eg: singing, modelling, dancing, drama, poetry, public speaking, creating commercials, blogs, etc.

These activities are geared around them receiving points to progress in the contest, build their personal brand, develop and grow themselves into Leadership, which is part of our Youth Empowerment and Woman Empowerment objectives.

This contest will have 9 provincial winners (Queens) and Royal Princesses, from which a winner will be selected at the pageant and crowned EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA. Our event for this spectacular evening is scheduled for the 16th December 2019, at SunCoast Casino in Durban, 

We have expansion plans to grow into Africa and globally.

We have done well over 1000 media engagements in just a few months, reaching a media audience of 42 million.

We have received endorsements and shoutouts from hundreds of celebrities across South Africa, including leaders from Business and Government, such as the President of SA, who has given us several endorsements,

Our online presence is formidable as we have the largest beauty contest facebook group community in the world (over 1/4million). All our contestants have their own EMPRESS SA Facebook pages, Instagram and Youtube accounts. We are a powerful influencer network across all provinces in the country.