Standard Terms & Conditions

Contestant: The contestant is the participant in this contest to compete for the National Title of Empress South Africa 2020.

As a contestant in Empress South Africa 2020, I am bound and obliged to these terms and conditions listed on this official website. I meet all the requirements of EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA 2020 (also known as Miss Eagle South Africa). I Declare that I have never been married, I am between the ages of 18-28 years old, have a matric qualification, no criminal record and I am a South African Citizen, I and accept that I may be disqualified should information supplied be later deemed or discovered as false. 

I completely agree and understand that these terms and conditions are binding on me, and agree completely to all terms and conditions in this contest (EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA), and in the contestant Guides, and that which is listed on I understand that the website domain may later change and that the terms and conditions listed on them will also apply to this contest.  As an over 18 adult, I fully understand and accept these terms and conditions. I fully accept the authority of the coordinators, judges and decision of the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA contest and accept that the judges decision is Final. I understand and accept that there are no refunds in this contest in any respect including registration, sashes, smses, advertisements or tickets or any other costs.

As the contestant, I fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions and all processes contained in this contest, and accept that the onus lies on me alone, to keep informed and updated of all processes, information and the terms and conditions of this contest (EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA).  I fully accept the authority and decision of the coordinators and management of EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA 2020.

I fully understand and accept that all communication to me in EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA is confidential including the whatsapp chats, social media chats, emails, all documentation, messages to co-ordinators, and all other communication in this contest, EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA. I accept the processes of EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA, I accept that an addendum to these terms and conditions will be added at various stages of this contest.

I will ensure that all information, the level guides, all whatsapp and text information, communication with coordinators and internal secrets of the contest, will be kept Confidential. I understand the Organizers reserve the right to add, amend and change dates processes and venues of the pageant at their discretion. I will follow all the instructions and guidance of EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA to assist me. I understand that my participation as a contestant does not automatically guarantee me any rights, claims or entrance into the Finals, the National Pageant, or to any further Levels,  events, prizes, rewards or titles. I give my complete and express permission to the Organizers, EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA, that all my online accessible pictures, posts and videos, can be used, edited, manipulated and/or changed, for marketing purposes, in various contexts and mediums in the interests of promoting the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA contest and brand during this contest and at any further point in future. 

I will make neither claims nor disputes for use of my accessible content online. I understand that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA can disqualify me with immediate effect should I transgress any rules or processes within the contest, including not being contactable, being rude to EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA staff and co-ordinators, and not completing instructions, processes and activities on time, showing incompetence, unprofessionalism and/or bringing the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA brand into disrepute. 

I understand that should I be disqualified, or leave the contest, that I am not entitled to any refunds, or claims in any respect of time, cost or losses in this contest.

I understand that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA is an established brand, and that any defamation, reputable damage, slander or misrepresentation will have financial repercussions to the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA Brand, and in such event, I understand and accept that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA may institute legal claims to me, for any damage to its brand.

I understand and accept that all registration fees, sash fees are strictly non-refundable, non-returnable, non transferable.

Empress South Africa coordinators reserves the sole right at its discretion to assist contestants in their personal capacity, as an act of charity during the covid19 lockdown period. However Empress South Africa is not part of such personal discretionary acts on the part of our coordinators.

I hereby fully indemnify EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA 2020, (Miss Eagle SA) and Eagle Media, its Organizers, Directors, Co-ordinators, staff, companies, sponsors, management, venues and associated companies from any and all claims made by me and on behalf of me, from any and all costs, as well as associated risks and costs, time, duration,  losses, liabilities, damages, injuries and death from my participation in this contest and pageant in its complete entirety.  I understand that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA 2020 makes no commitment/promise in any respect in this contest, including prizes, prize value, opportunities, rewards, funding or any other forms of compensation or promise.

I understand that Empress South Africa has never focused or committed on prizes as a lure for this contest, but instead our focus is on woman empowerment, youth and skills development and growth, transformation and brand building.

I understand that there is an undisclosed cash prize, which is confidential to the winner alone. I understand that Empress South Africa has not placed any value on the prize and it is based on sponsorship for this pageant.

I will fully comply with the online contest and Pageant process. I will resolve all concerns, queries and issues internally to find an amicable solution with the Organizers and will not take these issues to the public platform, as I understand that this may bring defamatory and reputable damage to the contest. I understand that bringing negative media exposure, offence or conflict to the Empress South Africa brand is damaging to the brand which is valued based on success factors such as media exposure and celebrity endorsements and that I may be subject to legal costs and claims for any such damage. I understand that apart from points for level progression, I will not be remunerated, compensated and rewarded in any way for my efforts and activities from my participation in this contest. I hereby state that I will make no claims whatsoever in any instance from my participation, costs, time, duration, actions, losses, injury, death in this contest and the outcome of the pageant and contest, at present or in future, and that I am completely committed to upholding and growing the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA brand. I understand and accept that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA will select random contestants and use their content online for marketing purposes, and this in no way affects the fairness and neutrality of this contest. I understand that various views of philosophy from religious and popular persons may be shared with me during this contest, via whatsapp chats and I accept the disclaimer that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA neither approves nor endorses this content, and I will make no claims in this regard

I understand that my participation in this contest, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic is at my own risk, and that i make no claims to Empress South Africa in this regard.

I understand that although I may receive honorary titles as Semifinalist, Finalist, Warrior Princess , Royal Princess and Queen  titles in this contest, I will not be rewarded or compensated for these titles as they are honorary titles. I understand that I will always uphold the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA Brand, and that I have duties to promote myself and title in the media and events attended during the Reign year of the Winner (in 2020). I understand and accept that should I win the pageant, I may need to complete a contract for a limited period with exclusivity given to EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA to act as a managing agent, towards me and any opportunities and sponsorships with respective duties arising from my title and the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA Brand.  

I understand and accept that I am solely responsible for my own content, and information shared in this contest, and that EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA neither accepts, endorses, nor approves of my content, and that I indemnify EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA from any and all claims of my input and content in this contest, including those from other legal entities and bodies.

I understand and accept the authority of EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA, including and not limited to being disqualified for whatever reason, at any time, and with immediate notice, where my actions do not reflect well with the EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA processes  and brand.

I understand that all communication on the whatsapp chats and during this contest is confidential. I understand that any harsh, rude or offensive remarks to the coordinator, or staff of Empress South Africa, will lead to disqualification of the contestant. I understand and accept that Empress South Africa can ban, block or remove me from their communication platforms should I transgress any rules.

I will always conduct myself in a professional manner and always act in way to maintain the good image of this contest,